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Two Poems – Thomas P. Mgrath

Posted by handsomegrandsons on August 7, 2008

Christmas Came In Autumn

Santa Claus,
My hero,
Delivered me a rake this year
All the way from the north-pole.
Mum said he climbed down the chimney,
Gulped the beer,
Gave the carrot to the reindeer,
And left ‘that note’.

My friend laughed when he heard I got
A rake.
He got a game system,
A real go-er.

Come Autumn,
The leaves came down by the sack-full.
Dad paid me to rake them all up
And burn them.
And he told me that
Santa is very clever for giving me
Such a useful gift.



Either Either

The Early Bird gets the Worm,
But the Early Worm gets eaten
By the Bird.


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